The need for contracts is extensive at the four higher education institutions served by the BYU’s Office of the General Counsel. The institutions teach tens of thousands of students; provide and consume goods and services; commission massive building projects; hire and manage thousands of employees; license developed technology; compete in intercollegiate athletics, showcase sports events in arenas and on television and operate multiple television; radio, and Internet broadcasting platforms. All of these arrangements require agreements between the institutions and various third parties. The Office of the General Counsel supervises the institutions’ contracting process; however, because of the sheer volume of contracts, multiple offices on the various campuses do most of the day-to-day negotiation and drafting of contracts. These offices include the following:

  • Purchasing and Travel Office
  • Physical Facilities
  • Internship Office
  • Office of Research and Creative Activities
  • Human Resources
  • Technology Transfer Office
  • Copyright and Licensing Office
  • Office of Creative Works
  • BYU Licensing and Trademark Office
  • Harold B. Lee Library
  • Religious Studies Center
  • Neal A. Maxwell Institute
  • BYU Broadcasting
  • BYU Store
  • The Daily Universe
  • Museum of Art
  • Athletic Department
  • Student Life

Our attorneys maintain relationships with key employees in each of these offices to support them in the contracting process. These employees are well-trained and can handle many contracting issues. Our attorneys are available to answer questions and get involved when contracts become complex, involve high dollar amounts, or are sensitive.