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To preserve by rule of law the mission of BYU


To be trusted and effective higher education legal counselors



We provide timely and quality legal service and are committed to lifelong learning in our field of expertise. We endeavor to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and skilled writers, speakers, and researchers who are actively engaged in skills development. We also strive to be good listeners, to employ up-to-date technological tools, and to provide our clients with sound legal advice.

Respect for Sacred Resources

We give our clients appropriate commitments of time, talent, and energy consistent with living a balanced life. We establish work priorities to provide the highest value for our service, and, as needed, effectively retain and manage outside legal counsel.


We seek fair and equitable solutions to legal challenges. We are candid and truthful. Our legal practice accords with the highest ethical standards.


We enjoy our time together and foster a collegial workplace environment, respecting all members of our team as valued colleagues.

Evaluating and Satisfying Customer Expectations

We strive to provide high-quality legal services in a timely manner. Given competing demands and limited resources, we prioritize requests for legal services according to level of university importance, and we inform our individual clients of the realistic time frame for providing these services.

Respect for All Individuals

Although the practice of law is often adversarial, we zealously seek to represent the interests of our clients while treating others with civility and respect.


We continually seek to improve our legal service by using technological advances, improving our internal processes, and considering creative or innovative legal solutions.


We organize our office to set clear expectations, define areas of responsibility and authority, monitor progress, and report results.