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Title Contact
Accreditation, Michael Orme, accreditations Accreditation Michael Orme
Accreditation, Rich Hatch, Accreditation Rich Hatch
Affirmative Action, Michael Orme, Affirmative Action Michael Orme
Appellate Practice, Steve Sandberg, Appellate Practice Steve Sandberg
Bankruptcy, Erik Davis, finance Bankruptcy Erik Davis
Church Relations, Michael Orme, Church Relations Michael Orme
Church Relations, Steve Sandberg, Church Relations Steve Sandberg
Class Action Suits, Stephen Craig, Class Action Suits Stephen Craig
Collection Matters, Erik Davis, Collection Matters Erik Davis
Compliance, Rich Hatch, Compliance Rich Hatch
Compliance Program Development , Sarah Campbell, Compliance Program Development Sarah Campbell
Compliance Program Development, David Andersen, Compliance Program Development David Andersen
Compliance Training, David Andersen, Compliance Training David Andersen
Compliance Training, Sarah Campbell, Compliance Training Sarah Campbell
Contracts, Christian Fox, Contracts Christian Fox
Contracts, Rich Hatch, Contracts Rich Hatch
Corporate Law, Rich Hatch, Corporate Law Rich Hatch
Cyberspace, Paul Angerhofer, Cyberspace Paul Angerhofer
Disability, Stephen Craig, Disability Stephen Craig
Emergency Preparedness, Michael Orme, emergencies preparedness emergency Emergency Preparedness Michael Orme
Employment, Erik Davis, harassment, equal employment opportunity, discrimination, Employment Erik Davis
Employment, Rich Hatch, Employment Rich Hatch
Employment Discrimination, Erik Davis, Employment Discrimination Erik Davis
Environmental Issues, Michael Orme, Environmental Issues Michael Orme
Export/Import Control, Paul Angerhofer, Export/Import Control Paul Angerhofer
FERPA/Privacy, Paul Angerhofer, educational records FERPA/Privacy Paul Angerhofer
Gifts and Donations, Erik Davis, philanthropies Gifts and Donations Erik Davis
Government Relations, Michael Orme, lobbying Government Relations Michael Orme
Government Relations, Steve Sandberg, Government Relations Steve Sandberg
Hazardous Material, Michael Orme, Hazardous Material Michael Orme
Healthcare Law, Christopher Bauer, ACA; Obamacare Healthcare Law Christopher Bauer
Immigration Matters, Tammy Gustin, immigrations matters foreigners students, H1b Immigration Matters Tammy Gustin
Immigration-Employee, Erik Davis, Immigration-Employee Erik Davis
Immigration-Student, Erik Davis, Immigration-Student Erik Davis
Information Security, Paul Angerhofer, Information Security Paul Angerhofer
Institutional Assessment & Analysis, Steve Sandberg, institutional assessments and analysis analyses Institutional Assessment & Analysis Steve Sandberg
Intellectual Property, Paul Angerhofer, Intellectual Property Paul Angerhofer
Intellectual Property, Christian Fox, Intellectual Property Christian Fox
Intellectual Property, Rich Hatch, Intellectual Property Rich Hatch
Internal Auditing, Christopher Bauer, internal auditing audits Internal Auditing Christopher Bauer
International Relations, Christopher Bauer, Kennedy Center International Relations Christopher Bauer
International Vice President, Michael Orme, international vice presidents vice-presidents VPs International Vice President Michael Orme
Investment Properties, Erik Davis, Investment Properties Erik Davis
Liability Waivers, Tammy Gustin, Liability Waivers Tammy Gustin
Licensing, Christian Fox, Licensing Christian Fox
Licensing, Paul Angerhofer, Licensing Paul Angerhofer
Litigation, Stephen Craig, lawsuits Litigation Stephen Craig
Litigation, Christopher Bauer, Litigation Christopher Bauer
Litigation and Claims, Michael Orme, Litigation and Claims Michael Orme
Media Law, Christian Fox, Media Law Christian Fox
Media Law, Scott Halvorsen, Media Law Scott Halvorsen
Media Relations, Michael Orme, Media Relations Michael Orme
Middle Eastern Studies, Christopher Bauer, David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies, International and Area Studies Middle Eastern Studies Christopher Bauer
Online Education, Rich Hatch, Online Education Rich Hatch
OSHA, Michael Orme, Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA Michael Orme
Policies & Procedures, Christopher Bauer, policies and procedures policy manual handbook Policies & Procedures Christopher Bauer
Policy Development, Michael Orme, Policy Development Michael Orme
Policy Development, Sarah Campbell, Policy Development Sarah Campbell
Policy Development, David Andersen, Policy Development David Andersen
Public Affairs & Guest Relations, Steve Sandberg, external relations public affairs and guests relations Public Affairs & Guest Relations Steve Sandberg
Regulatory Accounting, Erik Davis, Regulatory Accounting Erik Davis
Releases and Waivers, Paul Angerhofer, Risk management, safety Releases and Waivers Paul Angerhofer
Religious Liberty, Steve Sandberg, Religious Liberty Steve Sandberg
Risk Management, Claims, Michael Orme, Risk Management, Claims Michael Orme
Risk Management, Safety, Michael Orme, Risk Management, Safety Michael Orme
Sponsored Research, Paul Angerhofer, Sponsored Research Paul Angerhofer
Sports Law, Christian Fox, Sports Law Christian Fox
Statutory and Regulatory Research, David Andersen, Statutory and Regulatory Research David Andersen
Statutory and Regulatory Research, Sarah Campbell, Statutory and Regulatory Research Sarah Campbell
Subpoenas, Tammy Gustin, Subpoenas Tammy Gustin
Tax Matters, Erik Davis, Tax Matters Erik Davis
Technology Licensing, Christian Fox, Technology Licensing Christian Fox
Title IX, Heather Gunnarson, Title IX Heather Gunnarson
Trademarks, Paul Angerhofer, intellectual property, IP Trademarks Paul Angerhofer
Workers Compensation, Michael Orme, worker's workers' compensation Workers Compensation Michael Orme
Youth Protection, Rich Hatch, Youth Protection Rich Hatch