What We Do

The BYU Office of the General Counsel provides legal services to the four institutions of higher education affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: BYU, BYU-Hawaii, BYU-Idaho, and LDS Business College. BYU is a nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate university located in Provo, Utah, with about 32,000 students. BYU-Idaho, located in Rexburg, Idaho, transitioned from a two-year junior college to a four-year university in 2001 and has about 15,000 students. BYU-Hawaii is a small liberal arts university located on the north shore of Oahu with about 2,500 students. LDS Business College is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and focuses on delivering business and technical training culminating in a two-year degree to a student population of about 2,000 students.

As we provide legal services to the four Church institutions of higher education, we help them negotiate their many roles, including:

  • Educational institution
  • Nonprofit corporation
  • Subject of government regulation
  • Research Institution
  • Intercollegiate athletics facilitator
  • Technology transfer
  • Land owner
  • Employer
  • Building and Construction Manager
  • Information technology consumer and provider
  • Trustee of libraries, artifacts, and information

The four institutions are unique in America because of their close affiliation with the Church. This affiliation–manifested in mission statements, policies, governance structures, as well as in the lives of students and employees–adds an additional layer of legal complexity as the schools fulfill their boards of trustees’ mandates of secular scholarship in an atmosphere of faith. Although the subject matters of our legal services vary, the services may be categorized into three broad categories:

  1. advice and counsel,
  2. contract review or drafting, and
  3. litigation or litigation support.